Fine Blanking is a unique development in the metal forming industry that applies precision mass production techniques.

Although innovated from traditional metal stamping, Fine Blanking employs a system of machine movement, tooling and plastic deformation of metal.

Fine Blanking is particularly noted for its geometrical accuracy and close tolerance of metal cutting; chip flowing such as milling, grinding, shaving, broaching etc; combined with the productivity of metal stamping operations. There have been several technological breakthroughs both in tool making and press manufacture, most revolutionary is the development of Electro Wire Erosion Machines and CNC Controlled Presses.

Fine Blanking technology has created niche requirements in the automobile industry for the production of high precision parts for engines, transmission ports, breaking systems, door latches, window lifters, gearboxes etc.

The ability of the technology to produce 100% shear edges with extremely close tolerance has been recognised by industries such as switchgears, compressors, 2-wheelers, aviation and many more.

Micron Obsession

The micron is a unit of measure invisible to the naked eye. But when the entire Company is obsessed with micron perfection in everything it manufactures, it's easy to understand why the most demanding automotive manufacturers depend on IFB engineering.

  1. Tool in open condition along with strip ready to be cut
  2. Bottom moves up and tools closed. Ring groove and counter forces activated
  3. Blanking Force activated and material being cut to produce part. Ring Groove and Counter Force still remains active
  4. Bottom moves down and tool in open condition
  5. Ejector Force activated. Strip and slug ejected
  6. Part Ejected

What makes IFB the No 1 choice

IFB business processes meet all international standards. They are well–defined, clean and simple, with transparent articulation of responsibilities.

We deliver the advantages of Fine Blanking to all our clients—

  • Lower cost
  • Higher precision
  • Faster cycle times
  • Better component performance and reliability

IFB products have 100% compliance with every single international quality standard.

IFB Plant Facility Standard
Kolkata DNV ISO/TS 16949:2009
Bangalore TUV ISO/TS 16949:2009
  TUV ISO 14001:2004
  TUV OHSAS 18001:2007
Thailand TUV ISO/TS 16949:2009
ISO 9001:2008